CB Trade Support offers a variety of flexible services to help clients increase their export sales and expand their knowledge of all the processes involved. One popular and flexible option is for a company to purchase a ‘bundle’ of hours at a time to call off as required.

Export planning and implementation

This starts with looking at where your company is now and where it would like to get to within an agreed timescale, setting realistic goals and looking at the steps required achieve those objectives. We look at resources within the company, where to go for further information, and introduce support from DIT and local and overseas chambers as appropriate. We can help you minimise risk through tailored guidance relating to areas of the business that may be affected by Brexit, including processes and documentation. We then agree and create an implementation plan for you, with as much extra assistance from us as you choose to request.

Trade show support

We offer support for international shows in the UK and major exhibitions overseas. Our clients often find these types of show can be very time-consuming projects, as well as taking up a considerable amount of the internal resources required to service day-to-day business. We can take away the pain of organising international trade shows, helping you at every stage of the process. We provide full support, from the initial booking of the stand, to liaison with the exhibition organisers, through to mutlilingual catalogue entries, logistics, support at the show and even post-show follow up of leads.

Developing new markets

We can help you to enter new markets, whether you sell a product or provide a service. We start with an exercise looking at which markets have the most potential, those that are easiest to do business in, as well as those where there are more perceived barriers to entry. We provide desk research that looks closely at your chosen country and the best and most suitable route to market, such as via your website, or through a partner or distributor. We then find contacts in your preferred location and market, and our partners at DIT and the British Chambers of Commerce overseas aid us in this process. The last stage is where you step on that plane or train to meet with your new prospects, or appoint local representation, in order to create a long lasting trading trade relationship.

Multilingual sales support

Because of the Internet, we often assume that the whole world speaks English. In many cultures, an introductory email that has just been put through a Google Translate tool is also not the ideal communication method. The reality is that whilst most people do speak some English, it is not always enough to ensure smooth communication, or to avoid potential misunderstandings, due to lack of language skills. People everywhere always respond more quickly and enthusiastically if they are contacted in their first language. CB Trade Support can handle all your enquiries from overseas, replying comprehensively in French or German, to avoid missing any potential export sales opportunities. We also have direct access to professional translation services for all major world languages. Visit www.tongue-tied-se.co.uk

Export documentation and logistics

Guidance on export documentation and logistics including letters of credit

Enterprise organisations and other project partners

CB Trade Support regularly works with Local Enterprise Partnerships, GET Consultants, MD Hub and Surrey Chambers of Commerce, helping to support clients with international trade needs. We also liaise with DIT advisers who offer complementary services, both here in the UK and overseas.