Meet the Buyer’ event in Slovenia for the homes and gardens sector

Carolyn Bentley – trade show and export consultant with CB Trade Support, talks about a collaboration between DIT in the South East of England and the British Slovenian Chamber.


The British Slovenian Chamber had contacted a number of retail chains in the homes and gardens sector, with buyers from these retailers and UK clients wanting to find outlets for their products in Slovenia.


The key task was to find suitable UK retailers to participate in the event. A timetable of meetings was organised during one day between buyers and UK gardens sector retailers, which also included presentations on doing business in Slovenia and how to handle the general commercial environment there.


Positive outcomes for UK clients, with good prospects of further meetings to sign up distribution and partnership agreements in Slovenia. One particularly unusual and successful project was for a company that made bespoke up-market treehouses, who went on to undertake several profitable projects in Slovenia.